A Poetic Look at the THE CRAFT of Fiction by Thomas Bryant

The goal of every fiction author should be to create magic for their readers, to immerse them in other worlds.This is what I love about fiction because I can travel to places that I’ve never been and learn things I may have never learned. I can span the globe, climb the highest mountains, sail the seven seas and still be home for dinner. I can steal cars, rob banks, hijack airliners, and kill bad guys while having swinging from the chandelier erotic sex with the hottest women and still remain monogamous and get to bed early for church on Sunday morning.

I create relationships and I am truly the master of my domain. I’m the king of my castle and I rule with an iron hand. . It’s a solitary job and must be done with precision, regardless of how many drafts it takes to make my characters look completely suave, spontaneous, dashing and off-the-cuff hilarious or idiotic and ridiculous.

I read other author’s great works of art, first as a reader to enjoy the story and the plot, then I read it again as a writer to discover the magic to see how they fooled me. Like a card trick or sleight-of-hand to create a diversion to see how they got away with it, or how they got caught.

Good writing is an emotional investment. It requires me to dig below the surface, down to where it’s vulnerable and raw and still have the courage to let the world see into my dreams and desires, fantasies and fears, as I expose myself a little piece at a time, in every situation  I create and in the makeup and development of every character that I write.

I build strong walls and defenses, weaving layers of tough skin throughout the fabric of my players and their thoughts and feelings, developing them and preparing them to be ripped to shreds by editors, agents and hand-picked readers. Ice cold hit men and pistol packin’ mamas, who I expect to jerk their weapons like well-trained assassins, who have the green light to take the shot, targeting my head, but settling for my heart and soul, two areas which are indelibly tender and intimately tied with all of my creations.

Criticism is necessary for growth and awareness, but still hurts like the dickens regardless of my philosophical preparation.

  1. Roger says:

    I really enjoyed reading the teaser chapter! I also like your webpage! I enjoyed meeting you the other day. Keep writing!

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  3. Loved your thoughts on writing. Yes, I agree, great big hairy monkey balls! LOL

  4. cora says:

    An Amazing book you should make some more I would defiantly buy more

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